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*** Old Gringo boots, Oh My God, purchased at the Park City Clothing Company shown below. They are all weathered to look old and comfortable! Still…it took a while to learn to walk in them. ***

Have you ever gone crazy while taking a vacation? In the glow of historic Park City, Utah, I bought two pair of Western boots. It’s okay—they both fell into the #LoveBuyKeep category, but the next thing I knew, I was on a #OneThingCallsForAnotherBinge.

My Urge to Purge was overwhelmed by an irresistable desire to pair the boots with on-trend clothes—a tunic, a short skirt, some tights and a dress. Since I was shopping, I stocked up on basics: three T-shirts, a dressy top and two turtlenecks.


Mirror Lake, Utah

I stopped short of my fashionable friend’s advice: leggings and slim pants, reminding myself that it’s okay to reject what’s fashionable at the moment in favor of what suits you best and makes you feel terrific. When you only have room for so much stuff, why invest in dicey choices?

What a difference a few years can make. I’ve already told you: I am bored to tears with fashion blogging as a form and the emptiness of collecting clothes. That (and a crazy work schedule) forced me to take a series of breaks to reconsider whether I would/should continue blogging here, and if so, what that might look like.

Five years into a blog that was born at least partly to share a collection of vintage clothes that got WAY out of hand (presumably for the sake of selling them) I faced a new reality. Fashion blogging doesn’t get rid of clothes. It begets more of them.

I can’t see the value of sharing my one-of-a-kind clothes. It’s just perpetuates a world in which you and I both envy some kind of idealized life over the one that we have, which has been blessed to kingdom come, although we are often blind to it.

For months, when I have had any free time, I’ve noodled about how I could continue to write a blog in tune with “Life in yesterday’s clothes” when I was so obviously on another path. While on vacation, I had a few days to “crystalize” my thoughts.

IMG_0390How does this sound for a plan?

Transformational thoughts. I have a shopping addiction that still needs to be brought under control, so I’m planning to share more about that impulse—where all addictions come from and how to avoid replacing one addiction with another, plus thoughts about healthy living.

Buy-and-hold products. Having fewer things means buying better things, so from time to time, I’ll talk about products that are built to last. That includes new things that look like vintage things or vintage things that are still relevant.

Art, history, culture, places, books and technology. My close friends always seem to care about these topics. Besides that, I never get bored with them. I’ll offer opinions and recommendations, especially those that celebrate lasting values, or those that compare and contrast what’s going on now with what happened before.

Women with experience. I have learned so much from women born in previous generations—famous or not. When there’s time, let’s have some lessons-learned/secrets-of-life pieces like those bestowed on us by Diana Vreeland and Audrey Hepburn. When there isn’t time, let’s digest some interesting Q&As with less famous people.

Archival eye candy. Lastly, in deference to the fewer-words, more-pictures philosophy of blogging, I’m hoping to share some archival images worthy of a peek.

Mountain topI realize that some of you signed up for email subscriptions and followed this blog because you liked the earlier M.O. I don’t blame you a bit if you want to sign off, but I still hope you will stick around because I really enjoy the friendships I’ve made with people along the way.

I look forward to resuming a more regular posting schedule, although I have to admit that it’s always going to depend on how urgent it seems, how busy I am at work and what else is happening in life. Over the past year, I’ve really come to appreciate time spent offline, just reading my books and being with the people who matter to me. If there is anything you think might logically fit into the content scheme, please drop me a line. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.