9x6 sweater

A few years ago, Jody DeFord and I set out to collaborate on a meaningful project to raise money for women (and men) recovering from breast cancer.  Our dream was to loan a bubblegum pink vintage sweater to friends and readers of our blogs. Their role was to wear the sweater and stir up support for the Pink Ribbon Connection, a local 501(c)(3) that helps underserved people in central Indiana by providing information and resources such as bras, wigs, prostheses and other assistance that supports breast cancer diagnosis, care and recovery.

Fourteen women climbed on board this wearable chain letter before The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pink Sweater came to an end last year. (See it’s journey below.)

The sweater’s traveling days are over, but neither Jody nor I have lost our interest in supporting the Pink Ribbon Connection. We decided to make it easier for you to join us in making a difference this year. Local artist Sarah Anderson has illustrated our sweater for a set of 10 notecards and envelopes, available for $22. All profits from card sales will benefit the Pink Ribbon Connection. We think the cards are adorable, but if you’re one of those people who seldom sends a card, you can also make a donation directly to their organization.

Jody’s grandmother, my mother and my best friend have weathered breast cancer with dignity and grace, so this project has special significance to us. Whether you share a sense of gratitude for someone who has survived or you want to remember someone lost to breast cancer, we’re grateful for your support. Please help us spread the word!


numbered collage

Here’s a travelogue of the pink sweater’s journey and all the sisters who have joined us on this project.

#1: Crystal Hammon

#2: Jody DeFord

#3: Leslie Bailey

#4: Megan Giannini 

#5: Maggie Conner

#6: Madison Hanulak

#7 Kimann Schultz

#8 Sara Croft

#9 Crystal Paschal

#10 Heather Sokol

#11 Kathy Mann

#12 Tracy Snyder

#13 Amy Magan

#14 Nikki Capshaw