When I’m not blogging for fun, I write for organizations with a clear commitment to online content.

I jokingly say that reading and writing are the only things I do well enough that someone will pay me to do, but that’s not entirely true. After college, I knocked around for at least a decade working in sales positions in various industries. I survived, but I was often miserable.

There came a time when I realized I wasn’t working in my area of strength–writing non-fiction. Since then, I’ve been helping all kinds of organizations use clear, effective writing to accomplish their goals. I took a brief intermission mid-career to get a graduate degree in librarianship and worked in that field a few years before returning to full-time freelance writing.

I’ve worked in every kind of format, for every kind of organization you can imagine, from healthcare and manufacturing to non-profits and magazines.

You can learn more about my areas of speciality at Leading Reads.