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Yep, that’s you! I logged into my blog today to update some features that keep it healthy.

It dawned on me that I should take two seconds and say one or two things, or maybe explain why I’ve temporarily sidelined this blog project.

So that’s all I’m gonna do here today.

Thing One: Everyone goes through phases in life, and I have to say that my Passion for Fashion Phase is a thing of the past, though I still love a pretty new outfit now and then. I maintain a strong academic interest in vintage clothes, sewing and designers, but I’m not into collecting. I’ve trimmed my wardrobe considerably. It’s a total joy to open my closet and quickly find just what I want to wear.

Thing Two:  I’m not collecting clothes, but I’m still acquisitive to a fault. When my mother-in-law’s vinyl collection was on the family auction block, I couldn’t let it go. I’m now hoarding a massive collection of vinyl records. Did you know that vinyl records are a “thing” again? In 2019, sales of vinyl records surpassed CDs for the first time since 1986, thanks to their popularity among young people. I’m writing a story about that for a local classical music organization.

Thing Three: If you like classical music, you must hear the wildly creative things Steve Hackman does with it. He’s the new creative director for the Happy Hour series at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. I just did a story about him for Pattern Indy.

Thing Four: This year, I got really serious about my writing business. I wrote a new business plan and began working with a business coach. One of the first things she asked was, “Has your blog made money?” My answer: not a cent. I’ve only ever done this for free and for pleasure. With some ambitious financial goals on the horizon and a family that needs my care, I took her hint. These days, I’m finding less laborious ways to have fun.

Thing Five: I took a break from social media this summer. I didn’t miss it at all. 

Thing Six: I really wish we lived in a world where people are not judged by the number of followers they have. Don’t you? Sometimes, I get the distinct impression that prospective clients are sizing me up that way. I only have a few dear friends like you, but you mean the world to me.

Thing Seven: My husband and I purchased a place on a lake in May. It’s been a balm to our souls this summer. We’ve made delightful friends there. When we are not reading, we spend a lot of time just staring at the water. (I’ve also found it a very productive place to work!)

I’d just love to hear from you. Tell me something wonderful that happened to you this summer, will you?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.