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I haven’t had this much fun getting dressed since kindergarten. This is my first clash with mixing prints. (I hope it isn’t obvious!) I’m not sure why, but I think it works.

This uber-cute tartan plaid blouse was purchased at Citizen Rosebud, an Etsy shop owned by one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Bella Q. You must begin to follow her blog, especially if you’re a style-conscious person over 40. She’s super positive, full of brilliant ideas about style and has a real knack for generating interesting content and photos.

I already feel like she’s a personal friend because she’s so generous, genuine and approachable. More than that, she’s a great role model for how online friendships can and probably should work. I follow her Twitter account and she’s sort of mastered the art of sharing her own work while promoting what other people do. Bella has introduced me to a whole circle of over 50 fashion bloggers–people I might never have known without her. I wish I could call her and say, “Hey, wanna see a movie?” But she lives in Seattle, so that doesn’t quite work.

It was Bella’s idea to style the plaid vintage blouse with a leopard print skirt, but I don’t own one. (Can you imagine?) That suggestion led to a long, unfruitful quest on Etsy. I’m sure any number of big-box retailers might have a suitable option. But this year, I’ve taken Bella’s pledge to buy only second hand whenever possible. (Read about it here. You might want to do the same.)

My Etsy search continued until I found this vintage Pendleton wool skirt in a graphite/cream houndstooth check. It was purchased at A Day At La Finca, another Etsy seller who has a wonderful collection of vintage clothes from the 60s on up. It makes an interesting substitute for leopard print. Shazam! Here I am, all mixed up—even more than I usually am. At the last minute, I threw in another print—the polka dot tights. Radical!

I’m astonished at how many real friends I’ve made online. Has this happened to you? And by the way, what’s your favorite way to mix prints? Share it here and I’ll include it on the blog!

Oh–and before I close–please don’t forget to enter the vintage Valentine giveaway!

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