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Here’s a sneak peak at my vintage Valentine, a dress giveaway that ends on February 1. I paired this with my new evening bolero for a lovely look that’s a little more modest. This is a very old dress. The bust is 33 to 34 inches. Waist is 26 inches. Hips 36 inches or so.

I need your help growing the site, so this time, let’s make a trade. To enter: send an e-mail with a citation of any post you have shared with your Facebook or Twitter friends. Your shares do much to help grow our list of followers. I’ll draw the winning entries from the the e-mail entries on February 1. Email me: crystal [at] dressedherdaysvintage.com May the most enthusiastic vintage fashionista win!


Super Bowl ads cool the sizzle. –USA Today, January 2013

I don’t usually follow or comment on pop culture. It’s not my thing. But this headline in USA Today caught my eye and I was encouraged enough to read further. Wow. Some marketers are veering away from their ultra-racy images. Good. I like that idea. There’s nothing more embarrassing than sitting next to your father-in-law while a Victoria’s Secret model is spilling out of her bra in high definition.

Things went off the rails for me in the fifth paragraph of the story. “It’s about intrigue and desire,” says Noreen Jenny Laffey, president of Celebrity Endorsement Network, which links celebrities with marketers. “It’s not what you see; it’s what you don’t see –– but you know is there.” Well, that was sure a short walk around the block. Back to sex, it seems.

And then there was this quote by supermodel Bar Refaeli who will star in Go Daddy’s tamped down version of the Super Bowl ad: “I am a model who is well known for her body and feminine image. I’m not here to make people think I’m the next Einstein.”

Bar missed a golden moment to say something profound. But, as my favorite fictional president Jed Bartlet would say, “You say it well, my friend.” Yes, perhaps you speak the truth, Bar. I can see that, indeed, you may not be the next Einstein for you do not wish to be known for your brains.

If you were interested in that, you might have voiced any number of views that would have been a credit to humanity.

  • You might have said something about the art and inspiration for the designer dresses you’ll be wearing in the ads.
  • You might have commented on how it feels to be part of a shift in cultural values aimed at ending the objectification of women.
  • You might have expressed your utter delight at being part of something that suggests there’s more to life than being beautiful, sexy and desirable to the eye.

I’m no Einstein either, but even I can drum up something to say that adds to the conversation about why marketers are choosing to throttle their sexy messages. Could the real reason be that after you’ve shown everything, there’s nothing left but to cover the body and start undressing it all over again?

That’s my Friday social commentary. Now that I’ve got that off my chest, here are three things I want to share:

After my post about the Palmer House Brownies, it dawned on me that you might like the recipe, which came with the brownies. I copied it for you on this half-page pdf. Palmer House Brownie Recipe

After my post about neckties, my reader and friend Maureen shared some necktie inspirations.  I also found a great style post on bow ties. Be sure to check out these links.



And finally, ya’ll know how much I love scarves. Check out Playing With Scarves. This site has a wonderful set of tutorials on working scarves into your wardrobe. You’ll want to give up buying clothes and go for scarves instead. There’s an idea that would trim my wardrobe budget!

Hey, what are you doing for the Super Bowl?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.