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Following the most contrarian of instincts, here’s an odd weekend antidote I swallowed to help me confront the reality of winter. (Have I mentioned how much I hate being cold?) I pointed myself straight at the thing I dread most about it –bitter temperatures. Thankfully, (or not) that’s only a three-hour drive to the Windy City where even a balmy 32 degrees can be brutal. But here’s the thing: if you can face a windy winter day there, you can handle anything.

It’s possible that this approach would work on any kind of dread. I don’t know. I only know that my eye had to travel—and I don’t mean that the Diana Vreeland way. I mean this: when you’re running low on inspiration, a trip is the perfect remedy. My husband and I love Chicago in any season.

On the bus ride home yesterday, I sat next to a gorgeous 67-year-old woman with a head of cropped, white hair that she cuts herself with clippers. I’m highly suggestible. Less than 24 hours later, I was standing in front of the mirror with a set of clippers in hand and only one thought: “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

Maybe it was only beginner’s luck, but I didn’t botch the job. Now I’m all ga-ga over the money I could save! It reminds me of something an old friend used to say: “I don’t drill my own teeth, I don’t do my own taxes and I don’t cut my own hair.” It was her way of saying that certain jobs belong in the hands of pros. It’s hard to argue with that, but if I can master this monthly DIY project I may cross one of these three imperatives off my list––hopefully without any emergency trips to repair damage.

What do you think about this ultra feminine idea of a necktie? I discovered it on a quick walk through Nieman Marcus. Oh, I’ve worn men’s ties before, but never like this. My take was always closer to Annie Hall without the charm. The last time I wore one, I enjoyed a full day of demeaning glances wherever I went. Evidently, a necktie is no-woman’s-land. Try it some time. You’ll see what I mean. But this? I can’t wait to pair a brilliant necktie with a turtleneck.

Also on my necktie inspiration list: a skirt and/or a vest made of assorted ties found at thrift stores.

Know of any great necktie DIY projects? What’s your favorite way to wear a necktie?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.