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Plaid summer skirt

One of the most common myths about vintage fashion is that it’s expensive. Au contraire, mademoiselles. If you and I were to restrict all our buys to vintage or secondhand fashion, our spending would take a sharp nosedive. As a bonus, we’d find ourselves organizing looks that are infinitely more interesting and fun to wear.

Even a more moderate approach––combining vintage and secondhand fashions with high-quality, contemporary staples––can still yield remarkable style on a modest budget. Who wants to wear all vintage all the time, anyway? Boring!

How creative can you be on $75 for 11 weeks?

To prove my claim, I’m challenging readers to join me in My $75 Summer, a series of posts designed to show just how creative you can be by pairing your secondhand and vintage buys with contemporary clothes already hanging in your closet––all on a budget of $75––for the whole summer.

You know the saying: necessity is the mother of invention. The moment you put a dollar limit on your spending, the gears in your brain begin a sorting process every time you shop. What do I have and how can I make it more interesting?

Join the fun!

To participate in My $75 Summer, friend our Facebook page and share your look (or a link to your look) under the hashtag #My$75Summer. Or, if you prefer Twitter, use the same hashtag. I’ll run this series now through the end of August. That gives us roughly 11 weeks to spread our budgets. Don’t feel that you have to share something every week–although that would be awesome. Just show us your spectacular creativity on a budget whenever you feel like it. You can always keep track on your own and share whatever you like.

Week 1 75 summer

I’ll be posting my own additions to the series once a week, but for the sake of truth in advertising, let me add one caveat: I’m in the midst of a collaboration with another blogger. Our work may require a few buys that are not part of this series. I operate on a very lean budget, so those won’t amount to much. Those items will be called out as part of a different series, so I can still track how well I did on the $75 challenge. (I may be a head case, but at least I’m honest about it.)

Week One

The series begins today with this plaid wrap skirt, a vintage find for $4.29 at Goodwill. The worn places on the inside hem tape and waistband exposed something that wasn’t evident on the outside: this was once someone’s much-loved summer skirt. And now, it’s mine for four-twenty-nine. (FYI: I wrote that just for the rhyme.)

It’s an oldie––enough so that the thread was beginning to deteriorate. Fortunately, the wear-like-iron poly-cotton fabric still looks like new. I did some mending to repair the interior waistband and hem and then paired it with this Land’s End Shell, a basic that has given me unbelievable service. When I bought it, I felt that I paid too much. But that was before I saw how many ways I would wear it. Remember the pristine vintage Ferragamos I snagged last winter for a song? They complemented the skirt perfectly. That’s my Week 1 installment.

Now…where’s yours? Won’t you join me for My $75 Summer?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.