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Bloggers live for one thing—the idea that someone somewhere might not only read what we write, but also talk with us about it and share their own experiences and work. So let me give you a sweet taste of the people who’ve blessed me that way during the past few weeks.

Catherine M. is an insurance professional by day and a makeup artist in Boston area theatres as a side gig. She also does photo shoots, videos and weddings. Catherine won one of this site’s most extraordinary vintage giveaways of the year. I’ve been longing to see her in the 1950s cocktail dress every since. Well, blow me over! The dress made an appearance in Ryan Lee Crosby’s video, The Broken Bread, where it was worn by her friend Shari, also a friend of this blog. Catherine did the makeup for this video and shared it with me last week. Our dress is practically famous! It’s modeled here by my friend and Vintage Diva Erica T, but you can see it on Shari at the link to the video. Doesn’t she wear it well?

That note was followed by another sweet one from Margaret M., who is part of Colorado-based Pactimo—a bicycle racing apparel company. “It’s fun to test new fabrics and colors and watch an idea become a quality finished product,” Margaret says.

I don’t think I could have found a more appreciative owner than Margaret for the custom-made 1960s coat I recently gave away. She sent this thank you note:

The coat arrived! It is absolutely gorgeous!! And it fits perfectly! Love the fabric, weight, buttons, etc. Also, I have the perfect bright red wool scarf to wear with it. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! It was fun to try on at work. We all enjoyed looking at the details and thought it was beautiful. The designer and operations manager especially appreciated the fabric and construction. Again, thank you SO MUCH!!

Check out Pactimo at their custom website or their retail website.


This 1960s cocktail dress giveaway went to Amy C., another Boston area resident who is involved in theatre. She plans to use it for costuming purposes and promises to share a photo when that happens. Amy delighted me by sharing a few garments from her own vintage collection. The three vintage beauties (shown in two photos below) have also made stage appearances in Taming of the Shrew.

“This is a bridesmaid gown from 1960 given to me by a woman who was originally from England,” Amy says, describing the gorgeous strapless dress shown below. “Her uncle was president of Harrodsburg dept store and she also gave me a lovely cocktail dress from Harrodsburg from the late 50’s.”

And finally, there was this photo sent to me by a precious friend who regularly gives me a boost by commenting and sharing my work. Lori, E. is a travel enthusiast from Connersville, Indiana who took this shot on one of her western junkets. She actually climbed into a brick flower bed in downtown Billings, MT to get it. “The sun was so bright it reflected a truck across the street instead of showing the sign,” Lori said. The shop was closed so Lori couldn’t report on it. Isn’t it nice to know that your friends are thinking of you as they travel?

Do you have a favorite vintage garment you’d like to share? Make my day and share it here!

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.