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As the year comes to a close, I’m ready for a new look and purpose. Not for my wardrobe, but for this blog. I’ve  been gradually removing products from our store. Meanwhile you’ll still see this site’s departments (like dresses and accessories) listed in our sidebar. But for the time being, those links won’t work because I’ve dismantled all the product from the site. Don’t be alarmed because you can still find vintage stuff  for sale on the very convenient Etsy store! That’s where I’ve had my best success in the past year. And why I’m dismantling the e-commerce functions that make this site so clunky! So please keep following in the coming year. I’ll introduce you to the new look in just a few weeks. Read our welcome page and you’ll get the gist of things. We’ll still be blogging our hearts out, sharing vintage styles, books, and fashion after 50! Now on to important business: what are you wearing for Christmas?


Life is short. Wear the good stuff.