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I have to admit something that’s probably going to show my age. When I first began acquiring vintage clothes for Dressed Her Days Vintage, I couldn’t imagine why vintage slips were all the rage. Finally, it dawned on me: it’s because no one wears them underneath their clothes anymore! Sure, you can still buy a new slip if you want, but do you actually know anyone who has? By today’s fashion standards, worrying about whether someone can see through your dress is a vintage idea. Have I got that right, girls?

One of the features that fascinates me about finely-made vintage slips are the two layers of fabric you find on skirts, the better to protect you from showing the goods. Now that contemporary girls wear their underwear on the outside, I guess the whole idea of double-paneled slips for the sake of modesty seems almost laughable.

Personally, I think great lingerie is a private pleasure. I still wear a slip under any dress or skirt that doesn’t have a lining. This week we’re bringing vintage lovers some lovely slips that make adorable negligees or, for the very bold, as evening dresses under cardigans or jackets. Normally, I don’t fall into the last category, although I confess that I did like to play dress-up in my Mom’s slips when I was a girl.

It’s unlike me to show up anywhere in my underwear, unless you count the nightmare I have where I’m walking down the halls of my high school in my skivvies. Since I was only 4 years-old here, I’m going to go out on a limb and show you my first complete set of unmentionables. Notice how reluctant I am. Even at four I couldn’t feel good about wearing my underwear in public. Watch our site later this week for the latest vintage unmentionables.