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Skirt: Vintage 1970s double knit

Denim Jacket: A $5 bargain from the outlet mall

Boots: Aldo

Top: Gap–consignment

I’m not a big fan of 1970s vintage fashion. (Been there done that.) But this 1970s irregular chevron-print skirt is interesting. It was part of a two-piece suit with a 3/4 length, double-breasted jacket. Both were way too large. Saturday afternoon, I snipped off the elasticized waist and subtracted four inches from the circumference. I restitched the waistband, adjusting the elastic to fit my waist. The fun part was this: double-knit fabric is so forgiving! I literally hacked this thing together in minutes. My side seams, waistband and hem were as imperfect as can be, but you’d never know it.

I paired it with The Denim Jacket That Saved the World– my go-to jacket when I can’t figure out how to bring an outfit together. Often, its just what I need to finish things off. I was lucky that I had this cinnamon top, purchased long ago at a consignment shop.┬áJim calls the boots my go-go boots, but he’s a little off on that! I’ve had these boots for years and my only regret is that I didn’t buy them in black also.

The moral to the outfit: don’t rule out a 1970s double-knit if it has an interesting component that translates well with contemporary fashion. Also: don’t rule out something that’s too large. You may be able to refashion it into something else.

Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house I go. (Actually, Mom and Dad’s house.) Where are you headed for the holidays? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.