“You make me feel so young. You make me feel there are songs to be sung.”

They’re the lyrics from an old Sinatra tune that was blaring on the stereo system at the pool this morning.

Give it a listen and you’ll see why I started my birthday with a spring in my step.

If you add the two digits in my age together, I’m only nine today. (Woo-hoo! So much to look forward to!) Now, can you guess my age?

I’m not 1 plus 8.
I’m not 2 plus 7.
I’m not 3 plus 6.
And I’m definitely not 9 plus 0.

No need to transpose the order of the two numbers incorrectly just to flatter me, because to tell you the truth, I know that I’m starting to look like Morley Safer wearing red lipstick, and I still don’t mind if people know my age. (My Dad looks like Morley Safer, and I look like my Dad, so it’s easy to see where things are headed.)

What I mind is being treated less-than because of it, just when I’m finally getting somewhere!

That would never happen, would it?

I know I’m not alone in feeling the effect of ageism. If you share that experience, you’ll love this interview with actress Frances McCormand, who stars in the new HBO series Olive Kitteridge, based on Elizabeth Strout’s book.

Here’s a piece of her wisdom on aging and why she’s chosen not to have cosmetic surgery, unlike so many other aging actresses.

I feel like I need to represent publicly what I’ve chosen to represent privately — which is a woman who is proud and more powerful than I was when I was younger. And I think that I carry that pride and power on my face and in my body.”

I’ll just say amen to that and leave it with you for thought.
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Today’s post

My first vintage leopard-print coat from the early 1970s, found last spring at Indy’s Queen Bee Vintage. Owner Jennifer Shirk was shocked that I didn’t have one. She called a leopard-print coat the “gateway garment” to vintage.

The only things that make winter in Indiana tolerable are hats and vintage coats. I’m linking this post with Style Crone, where Judith holds court on how to age gracefully.

Who’s your favorite mentor for graceful aging? 

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.