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Today’s featured 40+ blogger is Sacramento, a Spanish fashionista whose avant-garde style is the stuff of pure fantasy. From what I gather, her outfits are sometimes inspired works, stimulated by surreal photographs she reinterprets from fashion magazines, nature, dreams and heaven only knows what else. Her translations are always fanciful, never literal.

And the photography is—well, amazing. Sacramento is always bathed in radiant light that makes you want to hop the first plane to wherever it is that she lives. I have offered to clean her house, carry her trash to the curb, scrub her tile—whatever is required to take up residence with paying work in that corner of the world.

Her way of assembling an outfit reminds me of my first trip to Europe. It’s been over two decades since I first witnessed the freedom Europeans have to express themselves with clothes. Over the past 15 years, that trait is more evident in regular Americans—not just the fashion intelligentia. Perhaps we’ve been influenced by our European brethren.

The name of Sacramento’s blog is MIS PAPELICOS—“my little papers or cut-outs” in Spanish––a nod to her lifelong habit of keeping notebooks filled with notes and clippings. When she agreed to this interview, she also gave me permission to select a photo to accompany my post. I found it almost impossible to choose just one.

What does she do in her real life? (I always want to know that about my online friends!) I think she is a nutritionist and English/Spanish teacher by profession.

I’ve always had such a tailored styled that I’m constantly challenged to take things up a notch. Sacramento is my inspiration. Don’t be surprised if you see me getting a little more “out there” with my posts—but I’ll never duplicate Sacramento’s style. It belongs to her––and her only.

An interview with Sacramento, who blogs at MIS PAPELICOS

What do you think about aging? Is there anything that has surprised you about the age you are now?

I think aging is part of nature, and as such, I take it. It is also an attitude and a way to see oneself. I am feeling better about myself now than when I was 20 years old.

Do you talk to people seated next to you on airplanes? What’s the most surprising/notable thing you’ve learned in these conversations– that sticks with you?

I never talk to people seating next to me. I usually meditate when I travel.

What cause do you care enough about that you would (or already do) donate your time to?

I don´t have a cause, but I always try to be a torch for those who need light.

What’s your favorite beauty tip?

I cleanse and moisturize every day.

Introvert or extrovert?

Extrovert once I know the person.

What’s the most challenging and the most rewarding part of maintaining a regular fashion blog? And if you don’t mind saying, about how much time do you devote to your blog each week?

For me blogging is rewarding all the time. It gives me a thrill to think of my outfits and share them with the world. I spend a few hours every morning.

Who is your favorite 40+ or 50+ fashion blogger? I’d love to be introduced!

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.