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When I found this story on geometric patterns in the New York Times, I felt positively prescient. The August 30 feature advises readers to ease into this trend with a new print blouse. Or you could do what I did: find a couple of great vintage blouses on your next Goodwill junket. These two beauties are from the 80s. I bought them in June, long before the whole print blouse idea was getting buzz. Well, well, well. I guess I’m not out of touch just yet, am I?

I usually think women of a certain age should exercise care with a trend they wore a few decades ago, but some vintage pieces are exceptional. I would have worn these in the 80s and I’m glad to wear them now, resurrected with a pair of menswear-inspired trousers. The collars flatter a scrawny neck and the padded shoulders balance out a pear-shaped body. Some fashion rules are made to be trumped by good judgement. This is one of them. Aren’t the prints interesting? They draw the eye upward, away from the hips.

For ladies who have “issues” with vintage over the problem of size, here’s a look you can easily get at your local thrift store. Nearly everyone can find a vintage blouse in their size!

Trousers: J. Crew
Yellow print blouse: Vintage, Anne Klein
Black print blouse: Vintage
Slingback pumps: Talbots

Let’s hear from you 20 or 30-something fashionistas: what are you wearing today that has the potential to be a winning vintage look two or three decades from now?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.