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I am shy on words today for two reasons:

1)   I’m working on piece about wedding attire.

2)   I’m one day away from a major/minor vintage haul, which I’ll tell you about later.

Here’s today’s nugget.

Have you learned to love losing things yet? I highly recommend it because it’s so blasted fun when you find them.

Switching purses last week, I opened a handbag I hadn’t carried in forever and found a favorite lipstick in a shade that’s since been discontinued.

A few weeks ago, I stuck my hands in the pocket of a coat I save for dressy occasions. I discovered a delicate vintage hankie that had gone missing.

I was about to put away a velvet evening bag I carried to the symphony last month when I felt a twenty-dollar bill inside. I feel rich and blessed.

It’s not just my stuff that’s fun to find. There’s nothing I love more than buying an old vintage purse and finding a concert program or some other trace of a previous owner inside. Nirvana!

Don’t mourn the loss of a favorite lip color

As for those discontinued lipsticks you hate to give up, here’s a fun discovery: threecustom.com. You can send them a swatch OR search their database for discontinued colors that have already been custom matched. It’s a little pricey—two tubes for $60. I found and ordered an old favorite of mine in their database—Watermelon, by Mary Kay.

These are small pleasures only a woman can love. What’s the happiest discovery you’ve found in an old coat pocket or purse?

An important invitation

P.S. One other quick reminder. I’m inviting all my local friends to join me on April 10 at Blue Breakfast, a benefit event at the Colts training center that supports victims of domestic violence who live temporarily at Coburn Place. My dream is to have seven people join me for breakfast that morning.

I’ve written about my reasons for supporting this cause before. When you join me on April 10, I hope you’ll find your own reasons to love this cause–not the least of which is the way Coburn Place helps people make permanent changes. Your support allows women to become independent after losing much more than a lipstick or a twenty-dollar bill. Tickets are $50 and all but a few dollars of that goes to support Coburn Place. If you want to join me, please ask me how you can purchase a ticket. The event ends at 9 a.m., so you can be on your way to work at a reasonable hour.

For people who live out of town, Coburn Place is raffling a $17,000 ladies Rolex––but only if we sell 300 tickets. If we sell fewer than that, your $100 raffle purchase becomes a tax deductible contribution to Coburn Place. I have five tickets to sell and would be greatly appreciative of anyone who feels inclined to join me in this cause.

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.