If you know even one person with a keen mind, lots of experience and time to think, then you are a wealthy person.  By that measure, I’m a multi-millionaire and my Dad is a huge part of my portfolio. Not long ago, he made this observation: when someone is insecure about something, they will never have enough of it to feel secure. Whether it’s money, love, achievement, or possessions, it matters not. There will never be enough. I have given that idea some thought as it pertains to one of my own personal obsessions/addictions/insecurities–clothing –and concluded that he is profoundly correct.

Could these wide-leg trousers be part of the Perfect 20?

When I was about 9, I took a mad growing spurt and outgrew nearly everything in my wardrobe. That year had been a tough one financially for my parents and I went off to school in dresses that left me feeling, how shall I say?—exposed. I don’t know why, but I’ve never quite forgotten that feeling despite an avalanche of blessings to offset a minor and temporary blip in my material status. Since then clothing has held an almost magical power over me, luring me to believe that there was almost nothing I couldn’t do or be if I had just the right outfit.

Oh how deceptive that kind of investment can be! I no sooner add the perfect sweater or jacket to my wardrobe than I am pining for something else to make it (or me) complete. Fortunately, I never allow my cravings to create debt (hear the rationalization?) but it’s still a sad, vicious and expensive little cycle that I’ve grown a tired of.

So, in my own bid to put these cravings to rest, I’m on a quest to develop the Perfect Little Wardrobe, beyond which my eye will never wander. Call it a personal development goal. With these basic things in my possession, theoretically I will never need to purchase another article, unless it is to replace something that’s already worn out. Surely there’s someone out there who can benefit from the same idyllic travel-worthy, not-too-Jamie Lee Curtis-boring-black-and-white list. The goal is to identify 20 great pieces that could be assembled with accessories for almost every occasion.  (I first thought 10, but that just seemed too radical, so let’s start with 20!)

Help me assemble the Perfect 20 list. Submit your ideas and get 50 percent off any dress in our Dress or Bridal & Special Occasion departments.  Use Perfect20 as your coupon code at checkout.) To start the conversation, let me just say this: I have more black shoes and accessories than anything else. You? My first suggestion: a fabulous pair of wide-leg, black trousers, which I wear with 1-1.5 inch heels.  (Never mind the fact that I own at least 7 black slacks of varying lengths and cuts.) The beauty of this selection is that the world is flush with wide-leg trousers, whether you’re shopping major retailers, thrift, or vintage. Should these be added to the Perfect 20 list?