My only brush with fashion fame is this: my sewing coach, Susan Maul, had tea with Elsa Schiaparelli, the Italian-born, French-made fashion designer who once wrapped and pinned herself in swaths of dark blue fabric when she lacked a ball gown. I’ve been desperate for something to wear, but never this desperate or innovative. Schiaparelli was just one of the many designers Susan met on a memorable five-week tour of Europe during her graduate or undergraduate studies in the 1960s.¬†Hearing Susan talk about that trip tripped my travel trigger.

What if a bunch of friends planned and organized a European fashion tour?

I’m not saying we are and I’m not saying we aren’t.¬†Where would we go? Who would we most want to see? How long would we stay? How much time would we need to save money for the trip? What time of year should we go?

One thing I’ve discovered about traveling: planning is just as much fun as the trip. So what does your dream fashion tour look like? Share it here!

P.S. For information about sewing lessons in the Indianapolis area, here’s Susan’s Email

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.