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I knew this week before a short vacation would be a crash to the finish line—certainly not a two-post week. Honestly, if I had written more than you see today, you could call me irresponsible.

And for that reason, you’re blessedly saved from my usual ramblings—although I’m linking to one of them here. It’s a guest post for Karina Dresses about how to honor your aging parents. My church has been offering a class on the subject. These are the high points of what I’ve learned. Check out the pancake hats my mother and I are wearing.

What’s up, what’s not

The middle initial is in decline. Believe it or not, using a middle initial in your name is a relatively new invention that began in the 19th century with a population boom. People started using them to distinguish themselves. Not so much anymore. Find out who’s still using them. Here’s a cool post from the New York Times, They’re Dropping Like Middle Initials.



I’m a sucker for stationary.

You know… that ancient stuff that people write on? Letter writing is so out of vogue now that libraries are hosting workshops. (I wonder if they might reintroduce penmanship, since schools are dropping that discipline.) I recently tripped across Paper Chase Press, which makes custom stationary. They collaborate with some of their creative customers to create three custom editions called “Paper Cuts.”

Above is the stationary I currently favor. I sometimes buy stationary at Tuesday Mornings, where you can always get it for a song.

Tiny house, tiny steps

Finally, I started in earnest on my tiny house dream—one of those -200 square feet houses on wheels. How? Tiny house, tiny start: I asked my brother if he could store the base in his shop three hours south of here. He doesn’t have room. Now on to step two out of 99,000—finding one I can rent for a weekend to see how it feels to live in small spaces.

What’s the thought process, you’re wondering? Well, it relates back to the story up top—honoring my aging parents. They seem determined to age in place, which is four hours south of me. I think a tiny house would be the perfect way for me to go for occasional caretaking jaunts. A tiny house would give us mutual privacy, and allow me to continue working.

denim dress 2

Dress Fest

Shirtwaist and denim in the same sentence? I had to have this dress, which was on sale at Talbots for $50. (With the Tiny House dream on my horizon, I’m going to have to think in terms of losing these “Have to Have” moments.)

For a great denim style celebration, check out Mis Papelicos, who hosted this denim style linkup.

I’ve been wearing nothing but shorts and dresses this summer. The shorts are golf attire. (If you want to see someone who rocks their golf attire, check out my friend Jody Deford’s recent post.) The dresses are everything-else attire, inspired by my friend Maureen Festa, Queen of Dresses. I wonder if I can carry this into fall, Maureen. This weekend, I’m going to the wedding of my oldest friend’s only daughter in Tampa. The moments we can hold onto each other for dear life seem to get more important every day.

What’s most important to you this summer? I hope you’re making it your best ever! That’s all for now. This post was written by Crystal R. Hammon. Defy trends. Use your middle initial this week. Buy stationary. Wear a pancake hat.

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.