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This special dress (custom made of imported silk) from one of my recent giveaways couldn’t have fallen into more appreciative hands. Its new owner is Elizabeth P., a seamstress who squeezes sewing in around a busy schedule as a college student. She enjoys sewing so much that she’s trying to start an on-campus sewing club where she can share her passion with others who haven’t yet learned to sew.

Take a peek at her blog and you’ll see the clever things she’s making, including coffee cozies made to fit a Starbuck size cup. Elizabeth also has an adorable baby sister, born the middle of August. Someone to sew for, no doubt!

Here’s Elizabeth in the dress. It looks as if it was made especially for her. It pleases me to see it on someone who can truly appreciate the workmanship.

Meanwhile, it’s time for the next vintage giveaway and this time, I’m making it a trifecta (has anyone noticed how much I like that word?) of two vintage dresses for special occasions and a black dress coat. It’s early, but people will soon be thinking about what to wear for holiday parties or fall concerts. Now seems the perfect time to start shopping. I hope you’ll find something here that helps you check a wardrobe task off your list!

For the next three days, I’ll be showing you what’s on the block, starting with today’s giveaway, a gorgeous coat. You know I’ve got a thing for coats. This would stay in my personal collection if it were my size, but it’s way too special to hang unworn in my closet. Come hither, my vintage loving friends.

Here’s how you can enter the giveaway

Please subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already or suggest it to a friend by sharing a recent post via social media. All that helps me continue this work and I’m greatly appreciative for your help!

Please read the full description to make sure the dimensions work for you. (I’ve also included a fictional line to help you feel like you’re buying into each item’s storied past!) Then add a comment explaining which one interests you. I’ll draw the winners on Wednesday, October 17. I can’t help thinking of certain people I know who would look great in these vintage pieces.

Which one of these beauties do you fancy and where will you wear it? Stay tuned the next few days. There may be something just for you.

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.




























1960s Black Wool Dress Coat

“Katherine was waiting for the right man to come along and, meanwhile, she had fun with all the wrong ones.”

Condition: Excellent

Overall size: Medium to large

Chest: 46

Hip: 50

Length: 41

Sleeve Length: 23

Hem circumference: 48

Description: This dressy custom-tailored coat is made of a heavy novelty wool with a nubby, horizontal pattern. Lovely bracelet-length raglan sleeves meet at a round collar, with darts at the front and back. Slant front pockets. Buttons at the front with three large novelty buttons. (Hat sold separately.)

Label: custom dressmaking