There are three summertime things that have always made me insanely happy:

  • Sitting alone on my deck with coffee at the crack of dawn;
  • Slowing down long enough to really connect with people I love;
  • And an easy-to-wear summer dress that makes me feel cool and feminine.

The second installment in the Big Giveaway of 2012 is a 1970s Hawaiian maxi that fits the third point to a tee. If it weren’t for the yoke AND ruffles, I would keep it for my personal collection. Something about that combination just doesn’t work on me. As you can see, it was completely lovely on Vintage Diva, Erica T. I’m sure there’s someone out there who would totally rock this Hawaiian original.

Here’s how the Big Giveaway works.

If you want the garment, make a short (50 words or less) comment here at the blog, sharing what you love about it most, how you intend to wear it, and/or maybe something it reminds you of. It doesn’t have to be a dissertation. I’ll place all the names in a hat and draw the winner. To claim the dress, all I ask is that you pay me for postage or shipping.

If you’d like to stay informed about the Big Giveaway, please sign up for a subscription while you’re visiting the site. By the way, the winner of the 1955 Chiffon Formal was Catherine M. from Boston’s historic Jamaica Plain neighborhood.

Here’s the dress and the original description from my Etsy store.

1970s Hawaiian Maxi DR138

Backstage, Yolanda wandered about his dressing room, searching for evidence…

Condition: Excellent

Overall size: Small

Bust: up to 36 inches

Waist: open

Hip: open

Length: 52 inches

Description: Vibrant chiffon floral with a soft cotton lining make this a cool Hawaiian maxi the perfect match for a summer day. One-inch ruffles accent the yoke, sleeves, collar and hem. Front darts, center back and front seams, 16-inch back zipper.

Label: Malia, Honolulu

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.