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How did I miss the memo? Sunday was silver shoe day. The trendsetters were Lucy and Alyssa, two little girls at my church. I always look forward to seeing what jazzy things they might be wearing. They are both growing like weeds, so the style show zooms from one size to the next. How do you feel about silver shoes? I have only owned two pair in a lifetime and I’ve worn them more than I ever imagined.

I sincerely hope neither you nor I are ever so grownup/serious that we can’t profit from reading a children’s book or taking our fashion cues from unlikely sources. (Here I pause to tip my hat to Robert Smelser for sharing Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon as part of his Sunday message. Bravo for reminding grownups and kids how to handle ostracism and bullying.)

Back to the point: By the time a trend shows up on the feet of little girls, it’s one you shouldn’t ignore. Silver is big in 2012. And thinking about the many ways you can wear it, why wouldn’t it be? Here’s a collection of my favorite silver shoes for this season, all courtesy of Zappo’s. With free shipping both ways and a vast collection of shoes to fit a narrow foot, I’m a big Zappo’s fan. My only complaint is that they make it SOOOO easy to buy. A few hurdles between me and my next pair of shoes wouldn’t hurt a thing.

How to wear silver

I wear silver with black slacks or velvet like this vintage dress I wore to the symphony last winter. If you’re going somewhere and you’re not sure whether to dress up or down, a splash of silver paired with jeans and a black turtle could save you. It’s chic, sophisticated, and you won’t look like you’ve tried too hard. Silver always works with a white or off-white ensemble. It’s also a stunning contrast for red of any shade. Fall’s newest color—oxblood—is a dressy companion for a gunmetal shade of silver like the Michael Kors sandals in the collage. If you shop Zappo’s, you’ll find lots of options from flats to platforms. Check out the SKU numbers in the photo to locate the shoes in this photo.

What’s your favorite way to wear silver? And what’s your favorite picture book for sharing a moral lesson with kids from zero to 99?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.