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Did I say shirts are boring? Well, it’s time I retract that statement.

I scored this J. Crew blouse at Goodwill for $4. It still had the tags hanging on it. The J. Crew trousers? Not such a steal at nearly 31 times the cost of the blouse. Ouch! But I love their high waist and I wear them often. I’ve not found anything like them anywhere else, so I just coughed and tried to think about amortization.

Last week, I received a hand-written letter from Elizabeth, a New Jersey reader who challenged me to show blouses in a way that isn’t boring. What do you say? Mission accomplished? The ruffles on this J. Crew shirt add a feminine lift to these menswear-inspired trousers. I like the trousers because….well…they hide stuff. Do we have to talk about that?

Here’s the only value-add in one of my briefest posts ever. Shop for exotic colors, prints and details like these ruffles and you’ll keep a shirt decidedly less mundane.

I read about bloggers who get flogged by readers when they don’t add valuable content. I thank my lucky stars that my readers are my friends. If you’re reading this, I know you’re someone who understands that a personal blog can never trump real life.

My biggest hero, Dad, is having some of his parts replaced and I’m away to be with him, Mom and other family members. Thanks to technology I can at least leave you with some thrifting inspiration. Go forth and rummage for ruffles. They’re out there somewhere in a Goodwill or thrift store near you! 

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.