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I love red, but my mother almost never let me wear it as a kid. It wasn’t considered flattering back then. This skirt was part of a Tahari suit I purchased two years ago for a Memorial Day weekend wedding. Naturally, it was way too hot for Jackson, Mississippi in May. So I put it away for a Labor Day weekend wedding in Houston. Same problem. I finally got to wear it in October. Since then, I’ve paired the red suit jacket with jeans. The skirt works with sweaters like this black one, which I bought at a vintage store in Chicago’s Wicker Park area.

Vintage sweater, bordered by pom-poms.Vaneli shoes. I wear them with everything.

Skirt: Tahari

Shoes: Vaneli

Sweater: Vintage

Tights: Hanes High Waisted

Jewelry: Chico’s


These shoes are smart AND comfortable.