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At long last, my favorite 1960s vintage dress has found a home with Elizabeth P. I drew her name this morning and I’m awaiting her reply to confirm that the size will work. It will be fun to see Elizabeth wearing it. Where do you plan to go in a dress like this, Elizabeth? To a wedding? On a date?

Meanwhile, it’s time to introduce the next giveaway. This one is for curvy girls. Don’t be deceived the photos of this 1950s party dress. I know it looks small, but it’s a plus-size dress with custom details.















I must tell you that this dress has a well-hidden defect. The taffeta underskirt has several spots that even my favorite dry cleaner could not remove. Fortunately, they are totally obscured by the lace overdress. Honestly, you would never know they were there.

It’s such a beautiful example of the high level of sewing ordinary folks could do back in the day, very meticulously made with a beautiful taupe trim. I love the apricot color. Please share this giveaway with your plus-size vintage loving friends. The belt is not included, but it would be a great option for this dress. As always, take a careful look at the measurements. Your comments below count as an entry! I’d love it if you decide to subscribe to the blog, also. But that’s just an invite—not a requirement.

Here’s the dress, as it was first described and measured for our Etsy store.

1950s Apricot Lace Party Dress SO207

When Sasha or Mahlia get married…

 Condition: Fair to good (because of the spotting on the underskirt)


Overall size: Large

Bust: 45 inches

Waist: 39.5 inches

Hip: open to 55 inches

Length: 45 inches

Waist to hem: 27 inches

Shoulder: 17 inches

Sleeve Length: 6 inches

Hem circumference: 55 inches

Description: This charming lace-over-taffeta lined dress has a fitted bodice and waist, opening into a flirty bias-cut, center-seamed skirt. A face framing ballet neckline is trimmed with taupe cording and faux-pearl appliqué. Bust and waist darts. A side zipper makes dressing a snap. *Several spots on the front taffeta lining were not successfully removed during dry cleaning, but these are totally obscured beneath the lace overdress.

Label: custom dressmaking

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