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Toting not one, but two sewing machines to the big retreat! Don’t let this fool you: I’ll still probably come back with a partially finished garment. It’s the story of my sewing life. This retreat is located out in the sticks and you don’t want to be caught without the right supplies.

The big focus is a skirt to complement this 1960s jacket I made last winter. Here’s the irony: remember Buck That Trend: The Pencil Skirt? Well, my seamstress friend Ashley at Bramblewood Fashion tells me I CAN wear a pencil skirt if I make it to fit. So, Miss Ashley, you’ve persuaded me to give it a try on this little retreat. (There’s nothing like having to eat your own words!) The pattern didn’t include a lining, so the challenge is how to include one without instructions. I’m nothing without a set of good instructions! Since I’ll be surrounded by a legion of garment sewers, I hope someone may take me by the hand.

The retreat starts today and ends Saturday. Unfortunately, I had to postpone my departure until tomorrow due to work obligations. If all goes well of the next two days, maybe I’ll get energized about making some things to wear or gift. We’ve got some new babies in my family and small sewing projects are good things.

Don’t forget about the October vintage giveaways! I’ll draw winners on October 17, my friends. I can’t wait to see who enters and wins!

What would you like to make next? Have you ever had a sewing project that made you want to shred it in tiny little pieces?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.