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Here’s a little known fact outside of Indianapolis (and probably inside it, too): we’ve become a fashion-obsessed city. Since 2010, an organized and growing band of fashion-minded people have been plotting to build a local fashion industry that will reverberate around the world.

Those ambitions gave birth to a community group called Pattern, which publishes a periodic magazine and holds monthly meetups where as many as 150 of the group’s 650 members gather to network for business, pleasure and professional development. It’s given me an awesome network of local friends who are style-smart and fun—from bloggers and photographers, to stylists and pattern makers.

That’s how I met Madison Hanulak, a local stylist and creator of Preppy Guide to Life. Our paths cross so often that it’s not uncommon for me to be driving down the street and see her walking out of a restaurant. Keep in mind, Indianapolis is a small big city—and that can happen. Also keep in mind that Madison is one of those women you can spot a mile away…Because. She. Is. Always. Always. Dressed. To. The. Nines.

I still have hopes of catching her in the grocery store one morning wearing bed hair and pajama pants, but it probably wouldn’t matter. She’s just that classy.

The last time we met, Madison had just cancelled a trip to New York for a blogging conference we both wanted to attend. I nearly cried when she told me she had been too sick to go. Our goal is that we’ll both be there next year. She always brings such energy and fun to everything she does and I thought you should meet her.

Meet Madison Hanulak, creator of Preppy Guide to Life

What do you most want people to get from your blog?

I want people to feel happiness and inspiration. I truly adore all the pieces I showcase, the organizations I am apart of and the lifestyle that is being shown. My favorite thing in the world is to get dressed for the day. I feel that everyday is a new opportunity to express myself through my garments. So the happiness it brings me is what I hope it brings to others.

Name a contemporary style leader you admire? What is it that draws you to them?

I truly admire Kate Middleton. I love the way she chooses classic pieces with a slightly modern twist. I also think it’s wonderful that she continues to wear outfits she has worn before. It shows that it’s ok to be realistic about your wardrobe and that not every outfit has to be brand new.

Do you talk to people seated next to you on airplanes? What’s the most surprising/notable thing you’ve learned in these conversations?

I always love telling someone that I love their outfit or that they look fantastic. So, yes, there times on airplanes I start up a conversation from a piece of jewelry or a pair of shoes that I think look amazing. The conversation will then turn to other subjects, but it’s a great way to break the ice and to get to know people.

Once I was on a plane to North Caroline and I was sitting next to solder. He was on leave and was going home to see his family. As he was telling me how excited he was, a flight attendant came over and said that a women in first class would like to offer him a drink as a thank you for his service to our country. It took some convincing on my part and the flight attendant’s to get him to take offer. He was so humble that it truly warmed my heart. I thought this was such a wonderful gesture and really made a lasting impression on me.

What cause do you care enough about that you would (or already do) donate your time to help?

I have a few organizations in town that truly mean the world to me. Women Like Us Foundation is an organization that was first brought to my attention by my dear friend and mentor Murph Damron. This organization fights against the trafficking of women and children. This past year, I went to a Tea Luncheon hosted by the foundation to raise funds. During the luncheon we heard from women who had been through some awful tragedies. This foundation is dear to my heart and I encourage everyone to help in any way they can. My blog has a direct link to the foundation’s website for anyone who would like to donate, give time or simply help spread the word.

What’s your favorite beauty tip?

My favorite beauty tip is to just keep it simple. For my day-to-day look I like to keep my makeup simple and easy. Chanel foundation, blush, eyeliner and mascara finished off with my Bobbie Brown lipstick. For evening events, I may change the lip color or add an eye shadow.

What famous personality from the past has a personal style that you’re most drawn to wear yourself?

I am in love with Diane Keaton in Annie Hall and Grace Kelly. Their two styles combined make a perfect outfit.

Introvert or extrovert?

I am an extrovert. I love talking with people, sharing ideas and collaborating. I love to go to an event and see old friends and meet new ones.

What’s the last good book you read (and why did you like it)?

Then Again by Diane Keaton. I loved it! It was such a great look at her relationship with her mother and a famous life that’s just as ordinary as everyone else’s—but extraordinary, too.

If you have just five minutes to do something for yourself, what will you do?

I would apply the Ambre Blends perfume I have worn for years, brush my hair and throw it up into a bun and make sure my pearls are on. Done and ready to go!

What’s the most challenging and most rewarding part of maintaining a regular fashion blog?

The most rewarding part is when someone stops me and says that they follow the blog and really enjoy it. That never fails to brighten my day. The hardest part about having a blog is that I have so many things I want to blog about that there just isn’t enough time in the day.

* * *

One of big ideas we’ve had: take the same vintage garment and restyle it two ways—once for Madison and once for me. We think it would be a great way to show how women of different ilk can make a style their own. Any brilliant ideas for us? With Madison, I’m kicking off a new series that showcases some of the best fashion bloggers in Indianapolis. If you know of someone I shouldn’t miss (maybe you!) please let me know.

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.