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poppyThe velvet and rhinestone flower on this late 1930s early 1940s dress reminds me of the Memorial Day poppies I’ll buy this weekend in remembrance of our fallen soldiers. Here’s a synopsis of how poppies came to be associated with Memorial Day.

Blue1940sI’ve had this vintage dress for ages. I think I bought it at the Vintage Vogue store in Bloomington, Indiana.


To be honest, a square neckline isn’t the most flattering for my scrawny neck, but I admire the details on this FormFit design, which I paired with a pair of silver heels. (Here’s a photo of the New York office for FormFit Dresses dated 1952. ) Red pumps would add a patriotic punch, don’t you agree? I might make it this weekend’s church dress!

And speaking of Vintage Vogue…

Here’s some happy news for central Indiana’s vintage fashion lovers: you won’t have to drive all the way to Bloomington to get a taste of Goodwill’s vintage brand. They are opening new Vintage Vogue store near the corner of 62nd and Keystone in June. It will be similar to the one in Bloomington, but adjusted for the Indianapolis market.

This store is likely to be a very well-curated collection, especially at the beginning, when they’ll be hoping to make a splash locally. Goodwill has people in all their Indianapolis locations who are trained to spot high quality vintage items for this store. For people who want to go straight to the good stuff, this should be a wonderful resource.

If you’re someone who likes the thrill of a bargain hunt in neighborhood Goodwill stores, don’t worry. It will still be possible to make awesome discoveries in their regular stores. The new Indianapolis store is a small space and can’t stock every vintage donation that’s made.

I love shopping Goodwill, but not just for bargains. They have the world’s nicest employees. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t greeted with warmth, whether I was donating or buying. I’ll tell you what else I like about Goodwill. This is an organization that has a huge impact on people.

  • They help people start small businesses.
  • They connect people with affordable housing.
  • They help people recover social and work skills after a medical setback.
  • They offer adult day care and childcare services.
  • They help people gain literacy skills and earn their high school diplomas.

Whether you’re donating or buying, how can you feel anything but good about supporting something so worthwhile? What will you wear to kick off the summer?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.