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A lot of cool things have happened to me as a result of collecting and selling vintage clothes. A tweet I received last week might just be the best ever.

It went like this: “‪@DHDVintage the dress you gave my daughter last year was just worn by “Peggy” on ‪@MadMen_AMC ‪#ThanksAgain.”

“Whaaaaaaaat?” I thought. I clicked on the attached photo, shared by the lovely @MrsOldenburg.

And that’s when I found this photo of Elizabeth Moss (a.k.a. Peggy) in the final episode of MadMen, wearing exactly the dress I gave a darling little girl to wear as part of her class project. Or at least I tried to give it away. Her mother offered a sweet trade—a mink trimmed pillbox hat, which I’ve been enjoying every since.

Carol Brady dress

Perhaps you remember the post.

Here’s what makes it even more interesting.

The MadMen scene captures the moment in 1969 when Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to set foot on the moon. It’s a treat to watch this You Tube video. Yes, this same blue dress (or one identical to it) once hung in my closet!

In the season’s final episode, Peggy is watching that moment from an Indiana hotel room—probably in Indianapolis. We know that because she’s opening a can of beer, and observing that Indiana is “dry” on Sundays, so she buys the beer from a night clerk.

Originally, I thought this was just an unremarkable double-knit dress that no one would want. But what do I know?

A year later, my dress (notice how I’m claiming it when it isn’t mine anymore!) is famous twice over! I would never have known it if @MrsOldenburg hadn’t shared it with me on Twitter! How blessed I am to have such sweet friends!

What’s your closest brush with fame? I love to hear these stories!

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