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By the statistics, Art and Candy Faulkner should never have made it as a couple. When they married in on Valentine’s Day, 1962 they were mere children: Art was 18 and Candy was 16. But they did make it –without much help from anyone beyond themselves.

Art is a successful businessman who had a great influence on my husband and his career. Candy has been a tireless volunteer who raised money and awareness for children’s causes while bringing up three smart, thoughtful kids with Art. Long before I was hitched in marriage, they were my husband’s friends. When I came along, they embraced me as if they had known me forever.

This Valentine’s Day we joined their close friends and relatives in a celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary—a midweek party that reminded married and single people alike that good things happen when two people get it right in love.

Surveying the room and the people we’ve known for decades, it was easy to see how very quickly life passes. Why not walk through it with our arms and hearts wide open?

Don’t you love Candy’s wedding suit and hat?  I believe she is holding a pair of gloves, too. If you love vintage gowns, you must fetch yourself a copy of Vintage Weddings: One Hundred Years of Bridal Fashion and Style. It’s a treasure for the eyes, full of famous and not-so-famous gowns.