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Skirt: 1960s vintage curtain skirt
Jacket: 1950s vintage jacket

…well, you know the rest of that line. This skirt has to be the wackiest vintage buy I’ve ever made. Know why? Cause it’s made out of window drapery. And I’m not talking about the kind of fine fabric Scarlett selected for her meet-up with Rhett Butler. Nope. It’s made from a shimmery jacquard panel backed with lightweight latex for insulation. I’m wearing it unadorned by anything but this great 1950s vintage jacket, but it would be so fun to play around with this look.

What I like about it: some clever seamstress snagged this drapery panel from a clearance rack and made herself a formal skirt. It’s impeccably well-made, and judging from the hooks, it’s got some age on it. Like a lot of vintage formals, it’s well preserved, in part because it was probably only worn once or twice. Never mind the fact that the fabric was made to hang with the sun beating on it for a couple of decades without rotting!

It reminds me of a goofy take on Scarlett O’Hara’s “drapery dress” in an old Carol Burnett parody of Gone With the Wind. (Here’s the short version.)

Here’s a very cool post of a DIY project by one of my favorite (also over 50!) fashion bloggers, MISPAPALICOS. It’s a skirt made from two men’s shirts joined together. I’m dying to try this idea. This lady is totally gutsy. I can’t wait to see what she’s wearing from day to day. If you like creative, unconventional style, she is the ultimate.

Got any great ideas for unconventional clothes? Share them with us here!

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