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What’s the point of attending Fashion Night Out if you don’t walk away with some practical ideas to take it up a notch? Today I’m sharing the best of Indy’s FNO for a local take on fall fashion.


I’m starting with the obvious. If you’ve been anywhere near a fashion retailer lately, you know that vibrant color is huge. The great news about this trend: everyone can wear it. Large or small, mature or young, it’s all good. Local designer and stylist DaNisha Greene made a great show of this trend at FNOIndy, pairing Talbots separates in magenta and green on a mature model.



This Grandma gave a lot of models a run for their money on the catwalk Thursday night. Classy.

Best places to shop color: Where do you like to shop? You’ll find lots of color wherever you go. As you can see throughout this post, green is a favorite this season.

Vintage inspiration

If you like classic, tailored things, you’ll love fall fashion’s nod to the past. I fell in love with the sumptuous fabrics and elegant shapes of Barbara Riordon’s vintage-inspired dresses. This kelly green gown was FNOIndy’s showstopper. Barbara costumes for local theatres and her knowledge of body-flattering designs from the late 60s clearly shows in this gown. Visit Time to Be Fab and you’ll see what she’s making and wearing.


Best places to find vintage-inspired looks: ModCloth, Shabby Apple, J. Peterman, Unique Vintage.

Fine detail

Men were not left out on Thursday night. Ft. Wayne designer Anton Alexander took charge of center stage like no other designer, describing his bold menswear line with zeal. I often feel sorry for men because their clothes seem so dull. Not so with Anton’s designs which are loaded with fine details, from interesting button holes and cuffs on shirts to clever pocket details on trousers. I found myself wishing for one of his shirts. His company is young and I suspect we’ll be hearing more about Anton.

Best brand for menswear detail: Bugatchi. This line of menswear has unusual top-stitching, buttons, and fabrics on men’s shirts. If you’re the kind of girl who believes that menswear is not just for men, these are the shirts to buy. I often spot these as a buy at Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx.

Statement jewelry and watches

Nick Blum started designing jewelry in 2006. At the time, the idea of someone from Indiana succeeding as a jewelry designer seemed far-fetched to many a Hoosier mind. Blum often told people he was a mechanic just to avoid the eye rolls. (Imagine the scene: Sure, you’re a jewelry designer. Right.) Whatever people thought, his ideas were not improbable. His company, BlumLux, has a line of watches for men and women that have become a sensation in Europe and the U.S.

These are high-end quartz watches assembled here in the U.S.—bold and lovely statement watches that can embellish any outfit. I want one and I have a birthday coming up. Hmmm. Wouldn’t this make a great birthday present?

Best brands for statement watches: Other than BlumLux? Beats me. I can’t think of anything comparable. For statement jewelry, I like to buy from individual jewelry makers found at fall art fairs like the Penrod.

Upcycled clothes

I had only one thought when I spotted the jacket in the photo above: I wonder if it comes in my size.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t. It was designed and made from a man’s jacket by Ashley Martz, owner of Nurture, a shop for children on Indianapolis’ Massachusetts Avenue. Ashley’s a wiz with upcycled duds for kids.

Her shop includes lots of regionally made clothing, some of which she makes and sells under the Elms and Cedars brand. If you don’t have a little one in your family, you should at least put Nurture on your list of places to go for a unique baby shower gift.

Best places to shop upcycled clothes: Wherever you live, you’ll find upcycling designers by checking around the local scene. Or you could shop the online angle via Etsy. I like Baise Beige, an online friend I’ve never met personally, but she lives in Indianapolis and designs fabulous upcycled clothes for adults. You might also like Pondhopper.

What are you most likely to update this fall?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.