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Laying it on at ModCloth

Vintage sweater

Flared coat

Holiday stocking

Flat ankle boots

Boho purse

Rose flower jewelry

Brimmed hat



In the odd way that the world ticks today, you get asked to do things crazy things just because you blog regularly. Every week someone approaches me, asking if I’ll promote some service or product. I mostly sidestep those pitches, unless it’s logical or it’s a brand I’m truly infatuated with.

When ModCloth knocked on my door and asked me to do nothing more than put together ensembles and share them, I lifted my usual ban, even though I don’t get a thing out of it other than scratching my shopping itch. (I am NOT an affiliate and I receive nothing for saying nice things about them.)

Shop? And not spend money? Sure! I’ll do that.

I can hardly imagine a world where my cravings do not have dominion over me, but I’m working on that. From experiences and achievements to clothes and food, the wanting never ends. I’ve tried withholding things, just to prove I can be in control, but it never lasts. I’ve finally learned that I can’t do life on my own. I can only fill up the vast empty spaces and longings with God.

Today’s post is a splendid mix of ModCloth styles I love and would put together on a fall day to look great and stay warm. Rather than indulging in my self-centered cravings, I’m shopping for you.

This outfit has three elements that are great for girls with a pear-shaped figure.

  • A bright vintage-inspired sweater with a pop of white at the neck to draw the eye up. If you’re more of a cardigan girl, here’s their fall collection.
  • A spectacular coat in a stunning color that distinguishes it as more than just something to keep you warm
  • A full skirt that swirls. I’m in my 50s and a STILL love to swirl in a skirt the way little girls do. The real selling point: it hides full hips and thighs.

Since we’re dealing in threes today, I’ll share three things I love about ModCloth.

  • Clothes that are unique. They often limit quantities, so you aren’t going to see your purchase everywhere. My only beef: they don’t carry narrow shoes.
  • Prices that run the gamut. Yes, some items are pricey, but I also find lots of things that help me stay on budget.
  • Skirts that inspire me to sew. Notice how simple all the skirts are. I’ve got gobs of fabric laying around my house. Sometimes, I actually resist temptation to buy and make a skirt instead. Remember this post?

Keeping a regular blog is fun, but it’s also a discipline. Sometimes, you run out of things to say, or you don’t have time to do a well-researched post. Shopping for you was fun! Tell me, was it fun for you, too? Shall we do this again sometime?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.