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Imagine my middle-child-follow-the-rules-do-nothing-to-attract-attention shock when I discovered that I am an accidental outlaw. I was sitting in a session at BlogIndiana today when I heard the speaker say that a social networking site beginning with the sixth letter in the alphabet and ending with the suffix “book” prohibits certain promotional activities. Violate the rules and you can lose your page and your friends. Good to know. Gulp.

It reminds me of the time I showed up for summer band practice in junior high. We were having a raucous good time, totally unsupervised on school property until someone’s Mom showed up. She said the band director was ill and couldn’t make practice…And by the way, what were we doing throwing things through the open windows on the second floor? She sent us all home and called our parents. Party over.

Does ignorance of the law help me? Oh, well. You’re already here. Let’s just hang on to the friendship and continue the conversation. Because it is, after all, time to announce the results of the search for America’s Most Glamourous Librarian.

Congratulations, Sujei!

Sujei Lugo, Head Librarian at the University of Puerto Rico Elementary School. She is known for her versatile use of the wardrobe basic known as Converse!

Sujei Lugo is from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, where she is Head Librarian at the University of Puerto Rico Elementary School Library in San Juan.  With statement pieces like her red Converse, Sujei totally owns the spot as America’s Most Glamourous Librarian. She’s got quite an impressive background and we can’t wait to engage her in some conversations soon.

Woman of many vintage looks, Ingrid Henny aka Style Savvy Librarian. She's from New York, so she has an edge on the rest of us!












Her nearest rival is Ingrid Henny who has a rabid fan base. Ingrid is a huge advocate for public libraries and a vintage clothing junkie who hails from New York. (Brooklyn, right Ingrid?) Since this is our search, we can dub people whatever we want. So Ingrid, please accept the honorable mention as our Style Savvy Librarian. You’re like a chameleon—capable of so many different looks!

Nine librarians each shared a comparable number of votes. All of them seemed like thought leaders, respected by peers. How could we fail to recognize them? So we’re forming the InfoGlamour Round Table with these nine people plus Sujei and Ingrid. We’re hoping everyone agrees to stay connected to talk about…well, stuff and things related to our profession. And, of course, matters of style. (I hope that doesn’t sound too lofty to be fun, but do I really need to worry about that in this crowd?) If you’ll give us the nod, we’d love to interview each of you and pose the occasional question to you afterwards. Or maybe we’ll scare up a few guest bloggers out of the lot???

We’re pleased to introduce the InfoGlamour Round Table members. Here they are, alphabetized by last name. (Hey we’re librarians, after all.)

Cassie Brand

Martin Garnar (Martin has his own Facebook Fan Club. Others have fans. Martin has a FAN CLUB!!!)

Chrystal Carr-Jeter

Carolyn Lorence

Bobbi Newman

Miranda Nixon

Dana Rubin

Lisa Carlucci Thomas

Merry Uk

Welcome to the IRT! If you accept the mantle, send me a quick e-mail (crystal@dressedherdaysvintage.com) so I can gather some brief information for your profile. (Remember, unless I met you at ALA or you’ve already emailed me directly, I probably don’t have your e-mail.) Thanks to all the people who visited our site and contributed to the summertime blog fodder! I didn’t mean to, but I’ve really enjoyed breaking the rules. It’s been such a long time…