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***And I think my shoes are uncomfortable. I photographed these very vintage Chinese shoes for bound feet a couple of weeks ago at the Field Museum in Chicago. ***

I know there’s a God. Wanna know how I know? He answers my prayers.

Last night, I went to bed in a fit of despair for no good reason other than the offenses I had taken over the past few days. This is the beginning of suffering, isn’t it? Someone wrongs us and we take offense.

I asked God for three things:

1)   Make me mentally tough.

2)   Grant me the ability to consistently reject offenses when they come.

3)   Send help for my wounded ego.

This morning, I woke up with all three. About the time my mind was ready to trod over the well-worn path of yesterday’s offenses, I heard a thought. “Just because a behavior is offensive doesn’t mean you have to take offense.”

Just like I choose a more comfortable pair of shoes, I gave myself permission to choose another thought and suffer less. That pretty much covered both one and two on last night’s prayer list. Thank you, God.

Item three came at the gym, when no less than THREE people approached me to offer a form of praise. I remind you here that this was at 5:40 in the morning with my hair standing on end and not a stitch of makeup to prop me up.

  • A fellow gym member admired my dedication and consistency.
  • A fitness coach I often see training college athletes offered to be my trainer.
  • And Gene Huey, a retired running back coach for the Indianapolis Colts and numerous college teams, introduced himself. When I told him I knew nothing about the game, (even though I have three brothers who played) Gene gave me a five-minute primer. What a gentleman.

I’m not at a point in life where I can regard such things as merely happy coincidences. God heard. He answered. Now if He could just help me find a comfortable, but good-looking pair of shoes. Quite honestly, that doesn’t warrant divine intervention, does it?

I’m huge fan of Zappos for shoes because they are always reasonably priced and the shipping is free both ways. When I buy, I frequently stagger sizes and return what doesn’t work. It makes for a huge charge on your credit card, but you’re only bothered once with trying on and you can do it at your convenience. I also like the way I can narrow things down by color, heel height and my hard-to-find narrow size.

Here are some of the picks on my short list for comfortable dress shoes. All three are Sofft. Thinking ahead to spring, I adore the polka-dots.

What’s your favorite comfortable shoe? How has God answered your prayers recently?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.


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