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I love it when a new generation discovers the charm of vintage. Meet my beautiful friend Haley, a high school student who snagged this 1970s dress at a nearby Goodwill. Haley began her quest for something from the 70s to coincide with a school concert featuring music from that period.

Haley paid me the ultimate compliment by saddling up next to me after church one Sunday to ask if I thought this dress was from the 70s. With its distinctive cut, print, fabric and a characteristic back tie at the neckline, there is no doubt that this is a 1970s original. I wore a very similar maxi when I was a high school freshman! Yes, maxis were all the rage in 1974. That’s one clear advantage of having life experience: I can date some garments with 100 percent confidence because I have lived and dressed through these eras!

Haley’s Goodwill excursion is proof that there are plenty of vintage bargains to be had for patient shoppers, willing to scour thrift stores. This one looks like it was custom made for Haley, the youngest in a gaggle of sisters, each one as charming, ladylike, and pretty as the next, which is no great surprise if you know their parents.

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.