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My former sister-in-law had a saying when something delighted her in the extreme. “That tickles the cockles of my heart.” Actually, she had a lot of amusing sayings, but this one sticks in my vocabulary for special situations like the way I feel about a new series that starts today. For the next few weeks, I’m sharing a weekly interview with one of my favorite fashion bloggers–all women over 40 who faithfully blog about style. (Actually, many of us are over the age of 50, but 40 seems to be the new mark for deciding when someone is “remarkable for their age.”)

When I first discovered these women, I breathed a sigh of relief. Somehow, I felt less strange knowing there were other women who were passionately interested in having conversations about style, history, politics, social issues, work, technology, art, culture–women who weren’t ready to head for the Alfred Dunner department and call it good just because of their age. As it turns out, there aren’t just a few. There are lots of us.

Our figures aren’t perfect, but we’re way past the point of waiting for that. We’ve lived long enough to know that happiness is now–not when we’ve lost that extra 10 or 20 pounds. We’re not waiting around to wear what makes us feel great or to say what’s on our mind when it adds value. We don’t let our good dresses hang in the closet it; we wear them.

The real beauty of this tribe of 40+ fashion bloggers is this:

  • We hope our blogs embolden other women––because women shouldn’t have to step aside because of our age.
  • We want to learn from younger women and nurture them, too––because no one stays young forever.
  • We strive to support each other back and forth in a Mutual Admiration Society that spurs us on to better work, better style and hopefully, better lives.

It takes practice and devotion to maintain a blog. Knowing how much effort I have invested, I can’t help but admire the dedication and creativity each woman brings to the culture of fashion blogging. I can’t cover the universe, but I’m happy to introduce you to a few favorites––in no particular order.

Just Verte Style

First up is April, a former journalist who started her blog after being inspired by Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style. My friend Bella Q. at Citizen Rosebud calls Advanced Style “a sartorial game changer.” Boy, is she right.

I wish I had a bigger photo of April, but until I get one, here she is, sipping wine in Provence.

I wish I had a bigger photo of April, but until I get one, here she is, sipping wine in Provence.

What do you think about aging? Is there anything that has surprised you about the age you are now?

If aging is good enough for wine and cheese, it’s good enough for me! The most surprising thing: How much better I feel…physically, mentally, spiritually.

Do you talk to people seated next to you on airplanes? What’s the most surprising/notable thing you’ve learned in these conversations– that sticks with you?

I talk to people everywhere, all the time. My years as a journalist encouraged me to ask questions and be nosy. I recently sat beside a Frenchman traveling from Atlanta to California He was heading out to the Napa Valley area to sample the wines there! I learned more in four hours chatting with him than I did in the all years of reading books.

What charitable cause do you care about enough to donate time to help?

Breast cancer research.

What’s your favorite beauty tip? And who else would it work for?

Laughter. It’s the best anti-aging medicine there is and works for everyone.

What famous personality from the past has a personal style that you’re most drawn to wear yourself?

Audrey Hepburn. She was my role model when I was eighteen years old and remained one throughout her lifetime.

Introvert or extrovert? Elaborate, please.

Introvert when young, extrovert now. When we’re young, we worry about what other people think of us. As we mature, we realize we have no control over what other people think. It’s a great revelation and gives us permission to just relax and be ourselves.

What’s the last good book you read and why did you like it?

Rules of Civility by Amor Towles. Great writing, terrific story, memorable characters. It’s about a young girl from a small town entering the New York social scene in the 1930s, which was my mother’s coming-of-age years. I imagine her in some of the scenes. (Well, not the sexy ones, of course!)

If you have just five minutes to do something to care for yourself, what will you do?

Put on a Bach violin or cello concerto, sip some tea or wine and close my eyes. Sometimes this lasts for more than five minutes!

What’s the most challenging and the most rewarding part of maintaining a regular fashion blog? 

The biggest challenge is finding topics of interest for intelligent, mature women who are interested in style and fashion, but also so much more. Fortunately, I enjoy researching subjects. I might throw in something controversial from time to time, just to stir things up! But I do want the blog to be fun and entertaining. Serious subjects are what newspapers are for! Meeting people through my blog has been the most pleasant surprise, and the thoughtfulness and love from other bloggers is just amazing.


Who is your favorite 40+ fashion blogger? Please introduce us!

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.