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This blog started in 2010 as an appreciation of vintage fashion and iconic women, a celebration of life after 50, and an occasional comment or exploration of good and bad ideas from the past and present.

I’ve had a blast working through those themes, but as friends and readers know, I gradually found myself backed into a corner. I became a different person, less interested in clothes and even less interested in being the center of every post. Blogging became a chore.

My career got busier and blogging took a back seat to making money. Meanwhile, I disposed of all but the most beloved parts of my vintage collection and tackled my shopping addiction for real. (I haven’t purchased anything new or old to wear since November of last year. Woohoo!) Although I didn’t make these changes alone, I like what I see, and more importantly, I feel like God approves, too.

That leaves me with the same choices all personal bloggers have when their space no longer matches up with who they are or what they want to write about: 1) they can change the focus of their blogs, 2) start a new one or 3) quit blogging altogether.

Lacking time, I experimented with #2 and #3 first because they were easiest. Toward the end of 2015, I began to think and pray about my blogging dilemma. What could I do in this space that felt more meaningful, more manageable, more worthy of my time and more valuable for other people? My first few starts didn’t pan out.

Through prayer and self-examination, I found an unexpected path forward. One day I remembered that the word “vintage” has many meanings. It describes the best qualities or characteristics of works done by a certain person or creator. It describes things that aren’t new, but are still valued because of their good condition, attractiveness or design. By those definitions, who wouldn’t want to be defined as vintage?

This totally different take on vintage helped me climb on board for another year of blogging. As time allows, this year I’m interested in sharing content to help people like me change by improving our relationships with the world, with each other and with God.

That’s why I’m adding two new categories of content:

  • Vintage You shares resources, devotions, reflections and other ideas to spark renewal and make daily life more healthy, inspired or manageable. This space gives me a place to be brief, if I want. And it offers a chance to include guest posts. Please drop me an email  if you have an idea.
  • Life in Yesterday’s Clothes is about history and personal experience. It draws on interviews with people who share the wisdom that got them through life’s valleys and transformed them. (If you’d like to be one of my first subjects or you know of someone whose story could help others, please let me know. I’m happy to keep you anonymous, if you prefer.)

I’m still likely to skip around from one interest to another, but I feel happy to have a new direction to include in this year’s content, and a reason to keep corresponding with you.

I hope you’ll find something useful for your life!

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.