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Hankie Ad larger type copyYa’ll know this blog is a labor of love, right? I’ve been blogging regularly and keeping in touch with friends and readers in this space, for what, about three years now?

What you might not know is that blogging takes a considerable amount of time and resources. Keeping the domain name, trolling for content, keeping my equipment and skills up to date, paying a tech guy to back up the content and protect me from hackers etc. –it all costs–to say nothing of the time I spend guest-blogging, writing and promoting the blog alongside a busy day job.

Now, don’t get your tiny violins out and throw me a pity party, because you know what? It’s all worth it to me. For so many reasons, I am committed even though it’s an expensive line item in my personal budget.

On the other hand, I did some analysis the other day and realized that I haven’t ever really applied myself to the task of making money to offset the cost of the blog. That seems almost crazy when you consider the fact that I work all day–pretty much every day–helping other people create content for the purpose of making money. Why should I be ashamed to do the same thing?

That’s why I’ve primed my Etsy shop with affordable vintage and vintage-inspired handkerchiefs––some monogrammed and some with vintage-inspired redwork embroidery, just perfect for gift giving. Two styles are available for monogramming. I have a limited in-stock supply of each letter, but if the letter you want isn’t available, I can easily custom monogram a letter for you if you order at least two weeks ahead.

Please think of my shop when you are planning gifts for the women and girls in your life. If you like the content I create, this is an easy way to support a seller that you actually know! Within a day of introducing the vintage-inspired handkerchiefs, one of my oldest friends from grade school thrilled me by making a purchase! Hankies make great gifts for brides, bridesmaids, friends who’ve lost loved ones, hostesses and tokens of thanks. Practically every woman appreciates the sentimentality of a hankie.

Postscript: My Mom told me a story I can’t forget. Last night, she was visiting with some other women after services at her church were over. A very hot and tired looking man approached the group to help him get some food. He asked if anyone had yard work he could do–obviously someone who had fallen on some very hard times. It’s a reminder that there are many people in the world who need our help–and we mustn’t be timid about helping.

I’m so blessed to have the ability and health to work and take care of myself. If you’re like me, your abundance provides so many luxuries and choices, including ways to earn money. Let’s all keep giving a portion of what we earn to help others get back on their feet with the basic necessities of life. Here in Indianapolis, Gleaner’s Food Bank is one way to help feed a lot of hungry families. They make it very easy to donate and volunteer.

What’s your favorite way to help needy families? 

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.