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The matching DHD Vintage hat box. I almost forgot to look inside!

My boss astonished me with the gift of this groovy hat box for my birthday. I was so excited over the box (see how it matches our masthead!) that I couldn’t imagine anything more. She had to coax me to look inside where I found this showy 1940s vintage hat, which is worn asymmetrically over one cheek. The bonus was a 1950s fluffy acrylic sweater with crochet trim. She had been shopping vintage while she was on vacation! Thanks to a little help from my friends, I’m staying on the Slow Clothes bandwagon: no new stuff unless I make it, thrift it, or receive it as a gift. And in this case, the gift was spectacularly vintage!

The asymmetric style is from the 1940s

I can't wait to pair this 1950s sweater with jeans.

It’s true. Good things come in small packages. And similarly, big things come in small bites. One of my friends recently won a contest at work for achieving the greatest weight loss over several weeks. There wasn’t a single week when she had lost the most weight, yet she still took the overall prize. While others were taking off several pounds at a time, she was only losing a pound or two each week. Week after week, it all added up and she won.

When we have a goal, we all tend to work feverishly to reach it in big broad strokes. Maybe we’ve got it all wrong. What would you like to accomplish in tiny little bites over the next year? Share it here! We’d love to know. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.