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One of the most puzzling phrases in the Bible is what Jesus has to say about clothes. He says they aren’t important enough to worry about. Say what? I’ve been preoccupied with how to cover my body since I was a toddler! Okay, let me just say that I believe Christ is the ultimate authority in all matters. Clothes can’t be as important as eternity. But as long as I’m bound by an earthly body, I can’t picture a time that they won’t carry at least some significance, and not just for me.

If it weren’t so, why did one of the greatest style icons of our time, Jacqueline Kennedy, spend so much time planning her wardrobe for international junkets? Jackie knew that clothes were diplomatic statements, full of meaning and symbolism. When you dress with intention, you’re bound to get a response.

Here’s what I notice. When I really plan what I’m going to wear, good things happen:

  • My husband will come home from work, take a look at my crisp white blouse and camel slacks and say, “Hey, you look nice. Let’s go out for dinner.”
  • 20-something grocery clerks and stockers will look me in the eye. That may not sound like much to anyone under the age of 30, but trust me, once the bloom is off the rose, that’s more rare than anyone my age cares to admit.
  • People who hardly notice me otherwise will stop to speak. Sometimes, they’ll even offer a hug.
My Mom

This is my Mom in 1956, the year she and my Dad were married.

This may sound small, but these things make a day more memorable for me. I can’t help making connections between the good things that happen in my life and the clothes I wear. There are lots of women out there who are just like me. That’s why my Mom remembers that she paid $25 for her wedding dress in 1956, or that she ripped the dress she wore to her eighth-grade graduation as she was stepping out of the car. (A friend’s mother repaired it by hand.)

When we began thinking about what to call this vintage boutique and blog, it came down to this: we all dress for life, one day at a time. Tell us about the clothes that have given you your best memories! Write us at info@dressedherdaysvintage.com.