For all kinds of reasons, I try not to make this blog about me. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my quota of self-conscious/ridiculously idealistic stuff from magazines. That’s the last thing I hope to see when I visit someone’s blog, so I really hope that we aren’t guilty of that. That’s one of the reasons I’ve never published personal style pictures here. I’d rather introduce you to other people who wear vintage. But now that we’re almost a year into this little adventure, I am finally forced to reconsider my position for the sake of expediency and also because I think it’s a shame hide myself in the fashion blogosphere as though I had no right to participate.

What really gave me courage was the brilliant work of a self-deprecating young woman who runs Pretty Shiny Sparkly. She has loaded her blog with smart content and a mission that went right along with what we wanted to do in our little corner of the world: celebrate regular people having fun and living in fashion. In a very kind and unpretentious way, Kristina, the manager and creator of Pretty Shiny Sparkly, shares her love of fashion based on real people with real bodies, following our own rules and blowing raspberries at the fashion establishment. I like that.

One of her brainchildren is Bloggers Do It Better, a weekly challenge she issues to fashion bloggers, inviting us to assemble outfits showing a style, color or trend. When I heard about the latest Neon & Neutral, I had just the right ensemble in mind. It involved a neon jacket and a vintage slip dress from our shop—a perfect summer pairing. But whom should we get to model this look? Our Vintage Diva, Erica T., is 2.5 hours away this summer! Slip dresses are favorites for a lot of vintage lovers, but I hadn’t planned to wear one myself, especially not after all I’ve had to say about immodesty. Now you know the rest of the story.

I’ve paired this black vintage slip dress with a brilliant multi-colored jacket from Chico’s. (I love the cinched waist.) In case you were wondering, I added another slip under this one! I love the deep-scalloped lace edge on this slip. Black patent sling-back pumps (hidden by our deep grass) are from Talbots.

We would love to hear how you wear your vintage slip dresses. Better yet, send us a picture. If you like one of our slip dresses (and you link to this post in your own blog), we’ll give you your favorite slip dress, while supplies last, of course! One funny little post script to this story: After I posted it (I promise you!) I happened to notice that the color in this outfit is identical to our blog theme. Again, I say, that was a complete accident!

What could be more neutral than black? This vintage slip dress can be found in our shop.

When we shop for slip dresses, we always look for great details like the deep-scalloped edge on this hemline.

The high collar on this multi-colored neon jacket helps cover a long scrawny neck. As Christian Dior said in The Little Dictionary of Fashion, "Camouflage is very, very important."