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What brings you in today? What a clever line.

This from the Ann Taylor sales clerk on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. I answer truthfully and without shame. “I’m just looking.” And I mean it. How can I explain that I want nothing more than to fondle your fabrics, to see your prints, to notice the latest shapes and colors like this luscious dusty pink?Dusty pink copy

Free from the impulse to buy, I visited Chicago on the brink of summer and delighted in its babies–so young that they hardly know what to make of a fountain, its outdoor sculpture, its fountains, a walk along the lake, the skyline, Dylan—a waiter on the Amtrak train from Chicago to Indy who had such a sweetness about him. It’s fun to notice what happens when you quit trying to buy your own contentment.

Babies in watter 2

babies in watter


Buckingham Fountain

Lakefront walk


My grandest purchase to kick off summer: a new pair of Keds. They were sitting on my doorstep when I arrived home late last night. Nothing makes me feel more like summer than a pair of Keds. I’ll wear them this weekend to a family reunion and my father’s 80th birthday celebration.

As I pack the car for the weekend, I’m thinking about you, wondering what you’ll do to kick off summer, wondering what makes you feel like it’s actually here, all spread out before you? Whatever that is, I hope you drink it up!

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.