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Dazzling little entrepreneur, selling buckeyes at the St. James Court Art Fair. She looks like a budding little artist, herself, doesn’t she? I loved the weathered linen skirt she was wearing, paired with this cute denim jacket and suede boots. At one point she spotted a friend and ran off to greet her. We were left to deal with her little sister who was wearing something that resembled a shirt Paul Revere might have worn on his midnight ride.

I’m going to warn you: my weekend in Louisville, KY was so sweet it may cause nausea. A cloudless October day spent with my husband. Pumpkin ice cream on a sugar cone. A little girl selling buckeyes for 50 cents a piece. A gurgling fountain. A drive through Old Louisville, KY where I spotted two readers lost inside their books, one on the porch of a gracious Victorian home, the other waiting at a bus stop. Sweet, right?

Louisville is just two hours from Indianapolis, but when you cross the river and enter Kentucky, you know you’re in the South. I love being able to leave my house in the morning and feel like I’m in the firm grip of Southern Hospitality by noon. Strolling through Old Louisville’s Victorian streets last weekend, I hardly noticed the art fair going on around me. You couldn’t stir the people with a stick, the sidewalks were so packed with shoppers. But we had just been to Indianapolis’ Penrod Arts Fair three weeks ago. So I gawked at the homes–not the art.

My only purchase: two buckeyes from a beautiful little vendor dressed with vintage inspiration. When I asked where she got the buckeyes, she pointed to the yard just behind her. “That’s our tree,” she said. Her competition was situated nearby–two friends who had the same idea. I haven’t bought a buckeye since 1990 on the same kind of October day. My husband (who was then my boyfriend) and I were on a stroll through the neighborhood where I lived in a Mary-Tyler-Moore-style apartment on the second floor of a big, old house. We bought a buckeye from two little boys doing business in their front yard. I keep it on my dresser with other trinkets that remind me of good times past.  Isn’t it reassuring to know that buckeye stands are something you can count on decade after decade? What’s your favorite thing to keep from your travels?

This is a recast fountain in the middle of Old Louisville’s St. James Court. The original was installed in 1892 for the Southern Exposition, akin to the World Fair.

I love old things. Isn’t this gorgeous architecture?