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Levi Lelah has owned this vintage 1967 Camaro since 1981, when his father presented it as an eighteenth birthday present. To him it was just an old heap that had already been passed down through his older brother. “I didn’t want an old Camaro,” Levi said. “I wanted a new car.” At the time, all Lelah cared about was having a good time and hanging with his friends.

Two months later, his father died unexpectedly at the age of 50. Only then did he begin to appreciate the car and his father’s significance. As an immigrant who came to U.S. from Singapore, the elder Lelah supported his family in the hospitality industry and bought the car brand new. It was his pride and joy, a fact that’s underscored in pictures of the family posed on the hood of the shiny red Camaro in 1967.

Lelah keeps the car in immaculate condition. He has painted it twice and displays it in vintage car shows regularly, where he frequently enters free drawings using his father’s name. “Sometimes, I’ll win a drawing and they’ll call my Dad’s name over the loud speaker,” he said. “It makes me happy because it’s like he lives again.” I met Lelah last weekend at a Las Vegas Halloween event that raises money for autism research. Hearing his story was one of the most memorable parts of our trip.


Across the lot from Lelah’s Camaro, I met Rick Henderson a Las Vegas artist who’s been drawing since he was in kindergarten. He draws fabulous reproductions of vintage cars for owners as far away as Australia.

He’s shown here with his neighbor Clarence (left), who often helps him work car shows and fairs. It looks like his tools are as simple as No. 2 pencils. (I don’t know a thing about charcoal drawings; it’s possible I’m wrong about that.)

As you can see, a few car owners really got into the spirit of Halloween.

My Dad had a convertible like this one when I was in kindergarten—not exactly the most practical thing for a husband with four children. It tickles me to imagine how young and fooiish he was when he made this choice.

Evidently, the idea of boom boxes isn’t as new as I thought it was!

This was one my favorite cars in the show!

Whats the favorite car of your youth?

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.