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sugar scrub
Wouldn’t it be nice to be an enviable old lady—the kind of person who makes every young woman wish they already had the life experience necessary to cultivate the finest character?

The closer I come to being an old lady myself, the more I want to study them. Can I be trained in the art of becoming a crone? I hope so. For all its downsides, aging is offset by certain benefits I wouldn’t mind having right now.

Mad Maggie

Through a group of friends who met one night after work, I met a tall, elegant looking woman who could be anywhere from 75 to 85. Maggie wanted to know the entire history of how we knew each other.

When we explained our various connections, she seized on a common thread. “Ah. Well then you know So-and-So?” she asked. (For the protection of all involved, I’m making the public figure she named anonymous.) “I do,” someone answered. “What a pompous ass,” she replied. For various reasons, none of us could agree with her aloud, but, I promise you, there were few dissenters among us.

Were you (like me) trained to guard your tongue in consideration of other people’s feelings? Or maybe you watch what you say at work to protect your own livelihood. (Hey, we’ve all got to get along at work.) Have you ever longed to call things by their proper names?

Notice how many of the old ladies in your life have completely lost their edit buttons. With less at stake, they say practically anything with few consequences. (Okay, I’ll admit that I sometimes cringe at their ill-timed or poorly-worded candor.)

I’m not advocating for brutality, but for those of us who don’t voice our thoughts often enough, maybe we could be a little more like Mad Maggie. Maybe the right time is now—not later. A little less pent up frustration might actually be better for the world, not to mention us.

Women & Money

On the opposite end of the age spectrum, here’s a great thought from entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel: “Women keep buying to fill this hole…Women have too much stuff, and if they knew the amount of money that would be in their bank account—that is in their closet and drawers…it’s a lot of money.” Mercy, yes.

While we’re on the subject of women and money, may I have a round of applause for resisting the urge to buy an expensive body exfoliant this week? It’s nearly the end of winter and my body is beginning to look reptilian!

Lavender and Vanilla Body Scrub JPG

Here’s the cheaper (and more natural) version of a sugar scrub made with ingredients I had around the house. (Download the recipe for Lavendar and Vanilla Body Scrub.)

Did anyone watch the Oscars last weekend? I watched the fashion preview and chatted online with a group of fashion lovers at an event sponsored by the Fashion Arts Society at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Favorite parts of social media coverage: #AskMeMore, the hashtag that encouraged discussion of the social issues and art of movies, rather than focusing solely on the fashion parade. What was your favorite movie among the nominees? Favorite actor or actress? I’m making my movie-going list and I’d love to have your recommendation.

Life is short. Wear the good stuff.