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My little friend, Mackenna, rocking that Santa dress!

Christmas pretty much divides families into two camps: those who dress up for it and those who don’t. In our family, it’s been a very long time since my three brothers attended an event they felt called for anything more than their darkest jeans and a striped shirt. That includes weddings and funerals. (At the last family wedding, one of them looked at my red suit and joked, “I’ll bet you have an outfit for every occasion, don’t you, Sis?” Of course, I do. Doesn’t everyone?)

It’s fun to look at family photos and see that it wasn’t always so. Sure, there are pictures of us opening our presents Christmas morning in rumpled hair and PJs. But before we headed off for Christmas at our grandparents’ or aunts’, our mother dressed us like we were making an appearance on the Art Linkletter show. Ditto for my cousins. My earliest Christmas clothes were handmade by grandmother. One of the last ones was a brown and rust plaid dress with a coordinating suede vest, made from a little remnant she had discovered.

Every Christmas, I find myself oogling all the little families who make the holidays special by dressing up. My favorite miniature fashionista this year is tiny Mackenna, who showed up at church services this week wearing this Santa dress, trimmed in white fur and accented with a rhinestone belt. Here’s what’s amazing about Mackenna rocking this Santa dress: she was just released from the hospital after a tricky surgery. Talk about a Steel Magnolia! Who’s wearing your favorite Santa clothes? Send your favorites to crystal@dressedherdaysvintage.com.