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Carolyn Lorence launches our new series, Relevant Vogue. She's a school librarian in Highland Park, Illinois.

What a relief! I don’t have to save $3,000 for a new serger after all. Remember that brown suit I started making about 7 weeks ago? Still working on it. Oh, I’ll finish it, but it’ll take a while. After all, I am the one who named this series “Slow Clothes.” I knew it would take an eternity because I am interested in so many things. In the end, we all have to pick what’s important because there is an expiration date on life. When I ask myself what’s most important, I always come back to reading and writing.

That makes me think of Carolyn Lorence, a librarian at Edgewood Middle School in Highland Park, Illinois. When I contacted her last week for permission to use this photo, she had just finished a biography unit that overlapped with Halloween. The whole school used costumes to assume another identity and explore other lives.

Carolyn’s identity? Earth Day. She chose green velvet pants, a green cashmere sweater and a hand-painted Gingko leaf jacket that she made herself.  How very relevant. Who better to launch a new series, Relevant Vogue, celebrating the vibrancy and influence of women over 50? More on this tomorrow.