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Last year (it seems funny to say that about something that happened just two weeks ago) we invited Indianapolis women to enter a contest to be the face of our business for 2011. The main requirements for the job are verve and nerve. Why? A) Because the lucky winner will be photographed all over Indy wearing Dressed Her Days Vintage and B) Because she’ll have to be audacious enough to be called a Vintage Diva without blushing.

We were fortunate enough to attract two amazing contestants (coincidentally, they are both Butler University students—Go Bulldogs!) and now we need your help. Visit our Facebook page and vote for the candidate you think gave the best response about why she would make the perfect choice. To vote, go our Discussion Board where each candidate’s response is posted. Reply to the post you like best with something like this: Definite Diva Material. (While you’re there, please Like our page if you haven’t already!)

One simple request that probably goes without saying if you’re a friend of ours: please be kind and gracious in that discussion space. Our divas-in-waiting are successful, glamorous people who’ve put themselves out there for our sake. We wouldn’t stand for either of them being mistreated in any way. Based on the voting, we’ll name the winner on January 15. Thank you, Tara and Erica, for your sparkling entries. We love you both. May the best diva win!