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The King of heaven and earth shed tears when his friends mourned. If that was true while He was here on earth, then it must forever be so. I hope you find as much comfort in that as I do as you consider the families affected by the violence in Sandy Hook last week.

What can we do?

Have you been struggling with this question as much as I have? I can only think of three things:

Mourn. Without dwelling on the unspeakable way in which these things happened, we can think and pray about these families who are forever changed by something they couldn’t control.

Comfort. Send cards and expressions of sympathy. Let families know how their grief has touched us. Here’s an address where you can send cards: Sandy Hook Elementary School
, 12 Dickenson Drive, Sandy Hook, CT, 06482

Act. Whatever great void or evil causes such tragedies, there is only one response that will matter. Help someone who is neglected, poor or disenfranchised. Love someone who has not been loved enough.

Let this be the year that we do more than donate money to the needy or volunteer to feed the homeless on Christmas Day. Money and donations are always helpful. But the hard truth is that most charities have Christmas covered. What they most need are volunteers to cover the other 364 days of the year.

I plan to volunteer for a charity in Indianapolis that helps families who have suffered from domestic violence. What are the charities that most speak to your heart?

Life is short. Do the good stuff.